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Let It Go

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH


Let It Go charts a trailblazing career as an entrepreneur and an incredible personal story. In this moving memoir, one of the most inspirational women of our times tells her own uplifting story and explains why giving her wealth away – letting it go – has brought her infinitely more happiness and fulfilment than acquiring it in the first place. A multi-part TV series of the book is currently in development and expected to air on one of the major streaming services.

“An extraordinary tale of creativity and resilience.”
The Guardian

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Déjalo Ir

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH


Billed as The inspiring biography of a refugee girl who becomes a millionaire, philanthropist and Dame of the British Empire, The Spanish edition of Let it Go was published in 2022.

“I personally know what it is like to have a child that faces exceptional challenges and that is why I wanted to publish this inspiring story. Hopefully we can reach at least one person and change their life for the better.”
Rodrigo Barra Villalon of publishers Zuramerica

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Ein unmögliches Leben

Dame Stephanie Shirley


A German language edition of Let It Go was published in September 2020 by Goldmann Verlagsgruppe Random House. The title roughly translates as An Incredible Life, and the subtitle: the extraordinary story of a woman who broke men’s rules and went her own way. The German publishers omitted the CH at the end of Steve’s name, feeling this rare and exclusive British honour may confuse German readers.

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So To Speak

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH


Covid-19 stopped us all in our tracks, and life as we knew it was on hold. For Dame Stephanie, it was an opportunity to gather her favourite speeches into a book, something she had wanted to do for a long time. The collection includes speeches made to charities, high net worth potential donors, women’s organisations, students, public and private sector audiences and Jewish groups. Dating from the 1980s to the present decade, the speeches demonstrate Dame Stephanie’s remarkable foresight and the pioneering nature of her work. The result is an inspiring and wide-ranging collection, beautifully bound in golden hardback.

“Through her genius and ingenuity, Dame Stephanie pioneered a path for women. Get a copy of this incredible book and give one to everybody you know.”
Nicola Mendelsohn CBECBE, VP for EMEA, Facebook

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Autism Works

Adam Feinstein


Based on a three-year study commissioned by Dame Stephanie this inspiring book addresses the lack of understanding of the wonderful contributions people across the autism spectrum can make to the workplace, drawing attention to this vast untapped human resource.

“This book will be of immense value to employers as well as those seeking employment.”
Uta Frith, University College London

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A History of Autism

Adam Feinstein


This unique book is the first to fully explore the history of autism – from the first descriptions of autistic-type behaviour to the present day. Commissioned by Dame Stephanie, it features in-depth discussions with leading professionals and pioneers to provide an unprecedented insight into historical changes in the perception of, and approaches to, autism. It has been translated into several languages, including Spanish and Italian.

“Feinstein’s book is a fascinating and indispensable record of the journey so far.”
Special Children, 2010

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