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Chairman's Report

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Chairman's Review Of The Year

It is my pleasure to present The Shirley Foundation’s 20th Annual Report for the year ended 31 March 2017.

The foundation’s mission remains

facilitation and support of pioneering projects with strategic impact in the field

of autism spectrum disorders with particular emphasis on medical research

and it continues to impact the autism sector both directly and indirectly via the Autism at Kingwood (previously Kingwood Trust), Prior’s Court and Autistica charities.

This year the public benefit has been largely via the National Autism Project, led by a nine-strong Strategy Board supported by 24 experts and – uniquely – an Autistic Advisory Board. In January it delivered a report for researchers, clinicians and policy makers:

The Autism Dividend

– reaping the rewards of better investment –

of which our foundation can be proud.  Described by Professor Sir Michael Rutter as the best review of the field that has been undertaken to date, it has some 400 references and is endorsed by 24 relevant organisations from Ambitious about Autism to the Westminster Commission on Autism.

To mark our 20 years of operating, I reviewed the foundation’s autism projects in the Good Autism Practice magazine and trustees commissioned Philanthropy Impact to carry out an independent impact survey of all our projects. All respondents thought their projects met our mission; 94% reported that the intended results were achieved; and 88% that the primary underlying assumptions held good. There were unanimous reports that results could be generalised to other situations, including research and service provision; and overall, the organisations involved benefitted from the foundation’s hands-on involvement which was described as ‘inspirational’.

A corporate review resulted in the aim to finish positively and cease operating by end 2018.

I thank the consultants who have helped us this year, especially Dr Ian Ragan; and my loyal co-trustees Professor Eve Johnstone CBE, Michael MacFadyen DL and Ann Menzies for their wise input over the decades.

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH

Chair of Trustees

May 2017

Application for grants

Trustees currently meet annually but applications for support are received throughout the year. Only those within the foundation's Mission are considered; applicants are reminded that projects should be innovative in nature with the potential to have a strategic impact in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Research proposals should be aimed ultimately at determining causes of autism. Researchers should refer to the "Guidance: Application for a medical research grant" downloadable here.

In the first instance a simple letter with outline proposal should be sent to Dame Stephanie Shirley at the registered address.

Registered address:

The Shirley Foundation
Videcom House
Newtown Road

Company No. 4705234   Charity No. 1097135

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